download whitepaper

iWGC’s White Paper gives an overview of how the platform works, the mechanisms involved, and the cryptoeconomic incentives that facilitate the use of iWGC tokens. It also explains issues that currently exist in the online world and how iWGC plans to tackle them.

download onepager

The one-pager provides a summary of iWGC’s objectives as well as the motivations behind the platform’s conception. It also gives a brief illustration of iWGC’s token distribution.

technical paper

iWGC’s Technical Paper outlines some of the key technical aspects that enable the iWGC platform to function. This includes a step-by-step illustration of the iWGC user experience as well as the security protocols that protect users on the platform.

Should you require further information, clarification, or would like to know more about our platform,
please feel free to reach out to us directly via our Telegram channel iWCG . Telegram

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